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  • What about convivialité in the digital age?
  • Are luxury and convivialité incompatible?
  • Rituals of tasting
  • 3D-printed bottles, connected tables in bars and restaurants, rising influence of social networks, geolocation... Consumer experience is increasingly subject to technological change. Can it significantly change tomorrow's convivialité?
  • Authenticity, quality, beauty, fantasies... Beyond the status symbol, the consumption of luxury is now often associated with experience and very powerful emotions. Can luxury play a role in convivialité? Overview of the phenomenon.
  • Choosing the right glass, knowing how to open a bottle in the right way or to serving it at the right temperature... There are as many rituals as the different types of spirits or wines that exist! As essential elements for enjoyable wine-tasting, such rituals provide an unique experience of convivialité.

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